Focusing on web development means I am very comfortable with the modern web languages, frameworks and technologies.

  • HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • Node, Express, React, Next JS
  • Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS
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Examples of some of the applications I have worked on to make.

Image of my personal website project, featuring the hero section.

KP Website

Personal website and blog


My personal website and blog, written in React and Next. The website is generated entirely into vanilla HTML, CSS and JS files. Blog posts are written in Markdown and generated at build time.

Image of The Wise Owl project, featuring the main page of the website

The Wise Owl

Inspirational quotes generator


Simple application in which you can generate and save your favorite quotes. Made with Next and styled entirely with Tailwind. Works by making use of the browsers local storage to preserve state.

Image of the URL shortener website project, featuring the main page of the website

URL Shortener

URL shortener for long links


Simple URL shortener application created with the Create React App template, styled with Tailwind. Extremely useful for both shortening URLs and having them personalized to my own domain.

Image of a terminal with some output from the VSCode Theme CLI application

VSCode Theme

CLI application for managing VSC themes


CLI application from which you can change and manage your VSC themes. Implemented in Node and with minimal use of additional third party libraries. Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.


I also write about Javascript and web development, check out my blog!

What you can find there, are articles on subjects such as..

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